Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Where Sydney ended up: On a tall ship

Its been three months since I got to Sydney and things have turned out a lot differently than I imagined.   I had it all planned;  a job in a cafe, hopefully overlooking the beach,  a house share and most importantly, finally a wardrobe. It would of been nice and comfy and I'd get to live a city slicker lifestyle.  But again,  opportunities come forward that are too out of the ordinary to pass up.

As mentioned in my last post, the Tall one went for a trial on a ship. Well she got it, and then she gave her new boss my number.  Now I live and work on this sexy lady.

This is random, even for me.  Her name is the southern swan, She's about 90 years old and comes from Denmark.  For the moment she does day cruises out of Sydney Harbour and moors up between the opera house and the harbour bridge. Each morning I wake up to this.

 Sometimes I'm a cook, a sail hand or on the bar. Since coming on board I've done a hell of a lot of fun activities and met some fantastic people. Great moments have included dressing up as a Santa (whilst up the mast unfurling sails), dressing up for pirate parties, learning  about sailing (previous experience was zero) and getting to know the harbour. Over the last few months I've also thought about what I'm going to share on this blog and how I'll go about it.  Along with filling in whats been going on, I'll be sharing photos around Sydney and doing other 'overviews' from my travels  (I'm still in love with top tens!). The hours I work have affected my ability to progress blogging but by god I'm gonna try and get some material out there!!!

More posts to follow, I promise.


Jill said...

Holy Smokes! What an amazing opportunity!

Jamie Pilgrim said...

THAT is super awesome! I don't think I could be any more jealous of you, and I was already getting overwhelmingly jealous just following your roadtrip! Haha! Hope you have/had a merry christmas!

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