Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Hello Sydney!!!

After our day in Newcastle, we found ourselves getting seriously confused and lost on Sydney's roads, but by some miracle we got to Manly, our chosen first suburb in Sydney.  It had hit dark by the time we arrived at manly backpackers, where we stayed for almost a week.  We were pretty excited to have arrived in Sydney, but with our road trip ending the trio would be separating at this point. Lou had decided to head to Moree, a small town in New South Wales to spend some time with her boyfriend -  before looking for farm work. Olivia, had a trial on a tall ship in two days time and I would be staying in Sydney, looking for a job, a home and some kind of life.

Within the next few days we said goodbye to our van, handing it in a couple of days early to the nice people at wicked campers. And then we did a few tourist things. The first time I saw the harbour bridge and opera house was on the ferry from Manly, which I found pretty surreal. I mean, I'd been in Oz nearly  a year and this was the first time I'd seen the iconic landmarks.
Before our time was up, we did a few touristy things. These included;

Walking around the botanical gardens and spotting the gigantic bats roosting in the trees

Met some of the locals...

 A smaller Hyde park than I'm used to...

going down to Darling Harbour

Heading to Bondi

One thing to fall in love with in Bondi:  the public swimming pool over looking the sea. I loved how the waves crashed over the side.

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