Monday, 26 December 2011

An Orphan's Christmas

The second non-Christmas in a row. I refer to it this way because having the holiday period in the sun, away from your family and not watching a 'Muppets Christmas Carol' just doesn't feel right. A friend of mine described it as an Orphan's Christmas. But the plus side is your not alone in the orphanage. There are others away from their family and old friends.  Together you make the most of it and work your way through this bizarre scenario.

 I woke up in my Cabin alone. My boyfriend had gone to spend the holidays with his family in Western Australia and for a few moments I was regretting my decision to stay behind. It would be at least ten hours until I could Skype my family and I started the day feeling sorry for myself.
By the time I was dressed, others had started to surface and soon things were on the up.  For a start the rain had stopped and the sun shone out. For the first time I wore a bikini on Christmas day.   Instead of going to the beach (public transport became too much effort for what it was worth) we stayed on the Ships; For the moment the Swan is berthing next to its sister vessel the Soren whilst a super yacht is using our usual wharf.

So on this Christmas day I drank a little, ate a lot, opened my secret Santa present ( a  CD from one of Circular quay's didgeridoo players, thank you Santa!) and enjoyed the company of some great people.

At at the end of the day I could Skype my family. And although knowing all my siblings, parents and baby nephew would be seeing the day without me, I couldn't of wished for a better Orphans' Christmas.

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