Friday, 15 July 2011

Five things I've learnt in the outback

Got to love four day weeks!!! Everyone is off with a long weekend so they can make the most of the Katherine show, which is a big hoo-ha in these parts.  One word in particular has filled me with a lot of excitement: Rodeo. You'll be surprise to hear that the sport doesn't have a big presence back in England. I am  a rodeo virgin.

So lately I've been thinking about the things I've learnt over the last few months, whether that be practicalities, personal decisions or randoms facts.  Here's my top five.

1. Bring a hat. Cowboy style head wear aren't just worn to look the part, they're a necessity. The Ozzy sun is fierce and way stronger than it the northern hemisphere. When working outside the last thing you want is your grey cells overheating. Something as simple as a $10 hat is the difference between a week off work with sunstroke and getting on with your life.  Even if you think you'll only be in the sun for ten minutes, get in the habit of putting it on. 

2. An understanding of the following words; 'tailing weeners', 'mustering', a 'boer run', 'gelding' and 'a killa.'  When I first started it would feel like everyone was speaking another language. But now I feel fairly fluent in farm talk.

3. Galas and guinea fowl make the most Annoying noises. Ever. When combined it makes me want to break things.I remember thinking the first time I saw a Gala "what a pretty bird."  And then they go and ruin it by opening their screeching beaks!

4.  Diesel rules out here. Without the Land cruisers, quad bikes, helicopters and trucks, commercial farming would be non-existent. Its been great being behind a vehicle again and has really siked me up about the camper van.

5. People still go out of their way for others. Sometimes when you're travelling alone, you can get so wrapped up in yourself and only worry about what you want.  The managers and others have made me re-evaluate my own behaviour. From driving me to the doctors when I was sick to little things like lending me a swag, they have gone out of their way for me, asking nothing in return.  Sure there are some shits still out there, but the goodies really have humbled me and makes you ask "what have I done for someone else today?"


Jill said...

All 5 of those points sound like valuable information. My boyfriend and I are thinking over traveling to Australia next year with the possibility of working. I'll be interested in following your blog to see how it's done!

Brittney said...

I love the pictures in this post! Great work!!

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