Sunday, 24 July 2011

What I left in India

Its just a crocodile and it wasn't even finished, but I'm pretty proud of what I left on an Indian wall.

For two months in 2010, I volunteered in a Himalayan community near Palampur, teaching daycare in the mornings and visiting families in the afternoon to talk about child development. During the school break, we were asked to re-paint the outside area. This was where most of the day care teaching took place, so we wanted to put images on the wall that would support this.

This is how I left the crocodile, in the knowledge that two fellow volunteers would finish it (and other touch up work) the following week. And when I met up with one of them a month later, I was able to see photographic evidence of how they completed our artwork, including numbers on my Croc. Hopefully I'll be able to show some copies of this.

Sure, it won't last forever, in fact someone may of painted over it already. But I really think all involved did a great job.

* Decorating completed by myself, Celia, Manu, Emily, Irma, Bianca and Julia.

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Anonymous said...

What a woooonderful story! I think the crocodile looks really sweet, which is an unusual adjective I think for a crocodile but totally apt for yours. And how great is it that you left a little bit of yourself. Your work sounds amazing and I would like to hug you for it.

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