Sunday, 3 July 2011

Ride on fluffy, ride on.

Entering my final month on the station, more of my spare time has been spent researching camper vans, booking travel and reading about the east coast. I'm also having to educate myself on tax returns (ugh!) as the financial year has just come to a close.  Accounting is really not one of my strong points.
However, as promised by the manager, I did go out riding after work this week.  This was my third time on a horse, ever and I can't wait to have a go again. It was something I really wanted to have a go at whilst in the bush and its something I can see myself trying to improve on. The horses here all have their little personalities and its surprised how clever they are. Throughout the wet season the horses are pretty much left to their own devices, yet when the dry season comes they remember whats needed from them and ESPECIALLY what a nose bag is. 

Other then that my entertainment still comes from a diva called Lucy. Lucy is loud, stroppy, slightly bi-polar and a goose.  Since the ganja was killed by a snake when I arrived, she's been confused about what to do.  Sometimes she super protective of her eggs, not leaving them for days, even though their obviously no good.  I'm tempted to take them away but I'm not sure if this would just cause her more distress.  Other times she's waddling around, screeching away looking for attention. She'll even let you pet her if she in the right mood. But what she's really in need of is a friend and I hope they get one for her soon.

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