Monday, 18 July 2011


I had all these images flashing through my head.  I'd be able to get an amazing shot of a brave cowboy holding on for dear life while a bull bounces around.  But sometimes things don't work out how you picture it. Sometimes bad lighting, an unfortunate spot and a limited camera mean all you get is unrecognisable shots.    So I put the camera away and enjoyed my first rodeo.  It was pretty good, my favourite part being the young children on the bucking Shetlands - weird and wonderful.The stadium was so jam packed that we had to stand - which I could only handle for about an hour and a half. I think this is a sign I'm getting old.
The Katherine show, except for the Rodeo and Boxing ring (where member of the public can go against the professionals),  resemble country shows back home. There were rides,  baking competitions, show jumping, animal breeding contests and stall after stall of retail wonders.  I tried my first (and second) Dagwood and Slept out under the stars. 
I also attended my first 'chuck auction,' although I was disappointed when they didn't have any geese for sale; I wanted to buy Lucy a friend.
One things for sure, I've decided that if I want better pictures, it may be time to invest....

Anyway, here's a few pictures of the day and night.  The first one I really like as it shows some young cowboys hanging about on the side lines. Second is a bunch of young'uns getting their prizes for barrel racing. Third chuck auction. Fourth is the entries for the best scare crow competition - I'm guessing!!!!

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