Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Goodbye NT, hello open road

If the scheduling tool on my blogger has worked, this post should go live when I'm due to leave Katherine. If all goes well, my lift into town won't break down, the greyhound leaves on time and I'll get into Darwin with all my luggage intact.   Early the next morning I'll be on a flight to Cairns and so my Northern Territory adventure will be over.  Whenever I leave somewhere, its hard not to feel a little sentimental. Its an end to a chapter of my life and another start into the unknown.  Although my four months haven't been filled with visiting an array of different places and partying, its allowed me to think about what I want to work towards.   The work has some times been hard, the isolation tougher than expected and time has seemed to go in slow motion.  But I would never take this experience back.  I got to fly in a helicopter, get close to wild animals, see the cowboy life, save a little cash and go to my first rodeo.  Working on a cattle station isn't for all, but its certainly something different.

Here starts my next adventure, and to say I'm excited would be an understatement.  Picture a kid the night before Christmas and you're nearly there.  In Cairns I'll meet two of my oldest and closest friends. Some how we've all ended up in Oz and free to roam the east coast together.  Our 5 day diving course is all booked and then we'll be picking up our rented camper van. For one month we'll be travelling down the east coast to Sydney, navigating not only through the roads but threes egos, a very tight budget and camping.

People, its about to get interesting...

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