Friday, 15 July 2011

Fashion inspiration for a back pack wardrobe?

Its been a very relaxed weekend. The type of weekend where you drink numerous cups of tea and coffee, scoff Turkish delight into your face and read up on all the blogs you follow. And all this is done on the veranda overlooking a red dirt road.  This will be my last weekend where I have nothing planned and I feel I used it to its full potential.

Its just over two weeks until I stop working on the station and become a backpacker again. Living in a house, with my own room, having a cook and having internet access (although often going down and being limited) has spoilt me. However, I'm getting pretty excited about being on the road again and experiencing the east coast. Even though it'll be winter and the temperature will drop as we work our way down, I intend to dive, snorkel and hang out on beaches to my hearts content.

OK so as a lady who likes her clothes (although they some times don't like me) I've been searching the internet for style ideas that could work with my limited budget and space in my backpack. The phrase of making myself alittle bit more presentable has already begun. Yesterday I dyed my hair dark brown, although  I ended up dying the soles of my feet in the process (don't ask).

Here are few looks that appeal to me that I found in cyber space.

The headscarf, demonstrated oh so well by Keiko Lynn.

Understated everyday charm - courtesy of Orchid Grey

Once back in civilisation I will hunt down some wedges! This I came across on Blonde Bedhead's Blog.

The work of Le Happy
Before travel I loved clothes, and although its not the main love in my life anymore, I'm thinking a couple of style up grades are well over due.

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